Goodbye ECCC - see you next year!

For four fantastic days, we got to show off "Escape The Fest!" my game and meet so many creative people! We got the opportunity to learn a lot of great things from other game designers, that we know will make playing "Escape The Fest!" even more fun. 

One of the most important things we are taking away though is that 'convention crud' is legit. We are going to get Vitamin C and plenty of sleep! Before we go here are a couple takeaways we wanted to share:

- "Convention Veneer" is a very real thing and it is okay.

Sometimes, you just have to smile and thank people for their time even if they are rude. Makes life easier when you choose your battles. 

- What you make is not for everyone and that is good.

We had people play our game and remark how they liked it, but the subject matter wasn't for them. If you try to make something for everyone, then you end up with a bad game. That's not what we are doing with "Escape The Fest!".

- The smiles remind you of why you make games! 

This may seem like an obvious statement, but it really feels great when people are excited about what you create. The world needs more joy and we can't wait to bring more happiness with the release of our game!

Thanks again to everyone who came out and checked out our table!