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It should have been easy.....


Many of your friends have warned you of the trials and tribulations that a long festival can have. Ignoring their advice, you purchase a ticket, pack your belongings and set off for the biggest event of the year: The Prime Festival. 

All good things must come to an end and it's time to go home. However, your squad has lost the car, their keys, and pretty much everything they came with... 

Sound familiar?

Help Sundrop, Foolish Panda, Teena, Erick, and Sheila-Maye find their missing items while making sure you don't lose your own items so you can... Escape the Fest!


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How it works


Escape the Fest! is a card game for 2-6 festival goers.

As a player you earn points as you locate your friends and bring them and their gear back to your campsite. 

Each round has 3 phases; morning, noon, and night (even if you don't normally sleep at the festivals). Each of these turns allows you to do different actions needed to... ESCAPE THE FEST!

Pretty simple! Just watch out for pesky reminders along the way, because even in Escape the Fest you need to stay hydrated.

Once a player collects their squad's missing items the game is over and you count points. The player with the most points is the winner!


Squad Cards


You meet so many interesting people at a festival, some larger than life. Your squad is happy to help you on your journey and even more excited when you help them find their stuff. When holding one of their items, they have abilities that really help create a better festival experience.

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SQUAD Item Cards)


These are some of the items that your squad has lost. You are searching for one unique item belonging to five different people from the festival.

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Reminder Cards


People in your squad aren't the only ones to lose things. These cards add more responsibilities to other attendees. If the game ends and these items haven't been found yet, they take points away from your total. So make sure to find these things before you head out!

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Want to dive deep into the game?

Find our full rulebook here: Rules

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